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WhatsApp experiencing service issues; down for some users

WhatsApp experiencing service issues; down for some users
One of the world’s most popular messaging apps, WhatsApp is experiencing some service issues and seems to be down for some users.

We can confirm that message sending is delayed more than usual even with Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, some messages are shown as sent but never reach the recipient. Other users are not able to send messages at all.

On Twitter, the company’s service status account has not tweeted about any service disruption and the official Twitter account is also mum on the issue. However users have taken to the micro-blogging service to express their disappointment.

The reason why I would complain when whatsapp is down is because texting would cost money, and it’s too troublesome to use other chat apps.
— not typical. (@JustinTWJ)May 15, 2014
Whatsapp is down. Go and play outside, the sun is shining pretty hard.
NZ (@sarawakianboy) May 15, 2014
As of now, there’s no word on whether this is a widespread issue or isolated to certain regions, due to server issues. As you can see on this map from Down Detector, Central Europe is experiencing the most issues. The website says the more than 80 percent of the reported complaints have been regarding loss of connectivity.

We will be keeping an eye on the status of the service and will be updating this article accordingly. Do check back to see any official statements or fixes for this issue.

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