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One Plus Review

One Plus Review: One Plus One to be available on India in December 2

Mobile phones have become a commodity in the current scenario. Every other day you hear about a new phone launch, a new phone maker in town and more. Barring the regular titans such as Samsung, Apple, Sony and HTC, few amongst the newest handset makers manage to generate a global buzz. Xiaomi, with its economically priced offerings in the form of the Mi3 and the RedMi 1S, vowed the Indian audience where most of its flash sales were sold out within seconds.

Another Chinese player that has garnered a lot of attention this year is OnePlus. Phone makers may take potshots at their rivals, come up with hilarious advertisements and so on. But OnePlus goes one step further as it adopts the tagline – 2014 Flagship Killer, Never Settle. That’s an ambitious tagline if there ever was one.
One of the main reason behind the buzz around OnePlus was being their unique idea to sell phones based on invitations only. Their OnePlus One was launched back in April, but thanks to its invite-only selling method, they could not boast of millions in sales numbers yet. The latest tally puts it at over 500,000 and it aims to cross the million mark by the end of the year. May be that’s another indicator of its December launch here? Who knows. The invite-only method has been discontinued in favour of the more familiar pre-order route – They have flash sales to that end. In an era when phone makers want to sell as many handsets as possible, this invite-only method was certainly unconventional, but led to a lot of word-of-mouth publicity.
Obviously, just the selling method isn’t the only reason behind the buzz. OnePlus One comes with top end specifications at an affordable price point and it comes with the Cyanogen Mod ROM of Android. A pre-rooted phone with flagship specs and an affordable price point – any Android geeks fantasy. So let us check out if the OnePlus One delivers on the ‘Flagship Killer’ buzz or is it just another phablet.
So if you are looking for a top of the line phablet, but do not have the budget for the likes of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the OnePlus One is a great alternative. If you want a pure Android experience and like playing around with your phone settings and experimenting with your handset, this is an ideal device. At its price range, the OnePlus One has barely any competition. If the huge screen size is not to your liking, the closest option is the Google Nexus 5 but you get only 16GB of storage with it. Now with the Mi 3 almost having stopped its sale and Mi 4 still to launch in India – OnePlus One makes for a good buy at its price. We just hope the price point is indeed under Rs 25,000.

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